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Vacationing in Vegas with Kids

Let's be honest, when we get excited about a trip to Vegas we're usually anticipating late nights filled with adult fun, cute drinks or mocktails at a fancy themed bar or an insane pool party. Have you ever considered a family vacation to Las Vegas? At the beginning of summer, my family and I headed to the city that never sleeps (not New York this time) for a little fun. Vegas has a number of family-friendly adventures that will keep you and your crew busy for days. In this blog post, I'm going to share a few activities we enjoyed that you can add to your itinerary when visiting Las Vegas with kids.

Tip: When researching the best time to travel to Las Vegas remember IT'S THE DESERT and the summers are scorching! We went around May 20th and although it was quite cold (59 degrees Fahrenheit) the first night, the temperatures were great for the remainder of the trip. A friend of mine went the following week and experienced temperatures close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is where art, history, and science meet. Get up-close and personal with the original Las Vegas signs of yesteryear. Travel back in time through stories surrounding the people and buildings connected to these iconic beauties. Along the way, you'll also learn about the chemical element that illuminates the signs in so many beautiful colors. I recommend booking an evening or nighttime guided tour.

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is located about 40 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Self-guided and docent-led tours are available however, check the website prior to your visit because unexpected changes can occur due to Covid safety measures. During our trip, visitors could only take self-guided tours of the outside area. Despite the restrictions, visiting the Hoover Dam was still a nice experience. Lake Mead is close by; rangers and volunteers at the visitor center can direct you to Boulder Beach, areas where you can participate in water sports/activities, and rental shops.

Pool Day

Las Vegas hotels are known for having extravagant pools, so why not make a splash! Enjoy lunch or brunch poolside and depending on where you're staying, cruise the lazy river, get soaked in the wave pool, or let the babies enjoy the splash pad. Vegas pools are sometimes the epicenter of fun. When making reservations be sure to inquire about any events/parties that may be taking place at your hotel's pool area.

Rail Explorers

Spend time at the Nevada State Railroad Museum (Boulder City) and observe the stately locomotives and trains. At your designated ride time enjoy a 4 mile downhill pedal under the desert sky on a double or quad railbike. There are multiple ride experiences to choose from such as the Southwest Summer Soaker or the Fireside Starlight Tour.

Sugar Factory

Get your sweet tooth and camera ready for this experience! Over-the-top milkshakes and sundaes, drinks with special effects, and a candy shop that greets you upon entering are sure to awaken your senses. Did I mention the awesome playlist of nonstop hits? The flagship (Vegas) location serves lunch daily and breakfast on weekdays from 9 AM to 2 PM.

I highly recommend making reservations, the Sugar Factory is very popular amongst tourists.

Tip: As soon as you determine travel dates MAKE RESERVATIONS for the restaurants where you'd like to dine, especially if it's a popular eatery. My husband and I really wanted to eat at Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen but there were no reservations available until July. If you do not have reservations expect a very long wait.

High Roller | Fly Linq

Rest your feet and take a spin on the High Roller. Get an aerial view of Las Vegas as you ascend 550 feet in an air-conditioned pod. Ready for another adventure? Zipline 12 stories above the action on Fly LINQ located in the Linq Promenade.

My Thoughts: Honestly, after taking a spin on the High Roller, I did not feel it was worth the money or time my family and I stood in line to board. If your goal is to get an awesome view of Vegas, that can be achieved from other locations on The Strip (Eiffel Tower Observation Deck, SkyPod Observation Deck at the Strat Hotel, higher floors at multiple hotels). If time were not an issue, I think we would have enjoyed the ziplining experience a lot more.

Arcade & Roller Coaster

Are you a thrill-seeker? If you answered yes, head over to New York New York Hotel and Casino to take a spine-tingling 203-foot drop on the Big Apple coaster. If your little one is not quite 54 inches tall, NO WORRIES! The arcade is packed with fun games that the entire family can enjoy. Some of the arcade games may even create a sense of nostalgia for you... I'm not sure how many times I swiped my point card for Pac-Man.

I hope you enjoyed this list of itinerary items and tips for traveling to Las Vegas with kids. If you have any questions or need help creating an itinerary for any vacation feel free to email me at or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook.

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Sep 17, 2021

Loved this!


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Wonderful blog!!!


Sep 16, 2021

This was such a fun and informative blog to read! Lovely pictures as always D.

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