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Dining In The Dark

Just from reading the title, I know it's an immediate, "NO!" for some of you, but hear me out...Dining in the Dark wasn't bad or scary at all, it was actually fun.

Let me start from the beginning. Upon arrival, guests check in with the hostess and are led to the private area where dinner will be served. Our dinner location was dimly lit however, I've heard some cities offer a completely dark experience (I would have loved that). Once the server introduces him/herself, reviews the dinner process, and confirms your dietary specifications...BLINDFOLDS ON, IT'S DINNER TIME!

For 90 minutes, your senses of taste, smell, touch, and believe it or not, hearing are heightened. Trying to distinguish textures, familiar smells, and what certain flavors remind you of becomes a game of Clue. You also find yourself eavesdropping on those close to your table hoping to hear what they think is being served. I definitely got a kick out of lifting my fork to take a bite and realizing there was nothing there. LOL! Friends, this dining experience takes a little effort too...whew! Strategically placing my beverage in order to remember where to grab it so I wouldn't knock it over and make a mess is just one example.

Dinner in the Dark place setting
Dining in the Dark is a three-course meal. Upon booking, you are able to indicate if you'd like a vegetarian, seafood, or red meat selection.

I'd describe Dining in the Dark as a mysterious, funny, and unique experience of the senses. This is a great outing for a date night, girls night out, or hosting a unique dinner experience for a celebratory milestone. If you're a fun foodie or just want to kick dinner up a notch, give Dining in the Dark a try.

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