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My First Crush

This time last year, I was in a small vineyard experiencing all the excitement of my first crush; also known as grape stomping (for the first time). Pleasant Hill Winery is located in Brenham, Texas about an hour and fifteen minutes outside of Houston. It's open to the public on weekends for tours and tastings.

Parking was no hassle. Upon arriving, we headed straight to the gift shop to purchase tickets. If my memory serves me correctly, adult tickets were $30 each and children 12 and under were $15 each.

What's included: A souvenir t-shirt, supplies (basket and small pruners), unlimited time in the vineyard, the actual grape stomping experience, and the kids also enjoy a 3-4 oz. sample of grape juice.

After purchasing our tickets, we went back outside to receive instructions and supplies underneath the tent. Finally, off to the vineyard we went. I thank God for the overcast that Saturday because it was HOOOOOT! The vineyard was peaceful and although there was a bit of running from bugs going on, we had a nice time and managed to get a few family pictures.

Once our baskets were filled and my curls were gone we strolled back to the tent. There, we emptied our baskets of grapes into a bigger container in which we'd stomp the grapes.

This was the fun part! When you decide to go grape stomping, I recommend choosing your outfit wisely. It is likely that you will leave with a berry-colored stain or two.

To complete the experience, NO, we did not drink any of the juice/wine from the grapes we crushed, but we did leave purple footprints on our souvenir tees.

My family truly enjoyed our first crush and we're sure your family will as well. This year, grape stomping has been canceled due to Covid. In 2021, I hope to have a list of Texas Hill Country wineries where you can enjoy family time, celebrate birthdays, have a day date, or a day out with your besties. I can't wait to see your pics and hear about your experience!

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1 Comment

Aug 26, 2020

I love this Meka!! I’m super proud of you and excited for future postings!

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