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Museum Musings

I’ve always loved going to the museum. As a child, it was the excitement of seeing things like “actual dinosaur bones,” ancient artifacts, and connecting what I’d learned in class.

As an adult, I’m still intrigued by those things, just add the architecture, landscape, and a deeper understanding of the history and geography curated inside. I also have a better appreciation for the moving pieces that bring it all together for our enjoyment. If you’re not a member of your local museum, I recommend checking the museum’s website and events calendar regularly for events and exhibits that you may enjoy.

Here’s a travel tip. When planning a vacation, research the various museums and galleries near your destination. If anything piques your interest, reserve an hour or two on your itinerary to spend at the museum/gallery. I try to do this whenever my travel plans permit. You may be thinking, visiting museums in multiple cities could become very monotonous. Not true at all. Museums can often be an open book to the city's unique culture and history. And friends let’s be honest, if you’re an influencer or just love to get a great shot, the museum has so many opportunities for the perfect pic.

The Art Institute of Chicago

There's Always Something to Do

Let’s take Houston for example. The museum district website ( lists 19 museums that can be explored and includes basic information such as the location, a brief description, and hours of operation.

Pre Covid, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts hosted Thursday Happy Hour and let me tell you, the patio was always packed. Friday evenings, in the summer, Houston Museum of Natural Science would transform into an adult social scene complete with a DJ or band, drinks, and food available from some of the city’s most popular food trucks. Be quick to purchase tickets when they’re released for holiday events like Breakfast with Santa at various museum locations or the Buffalo Solider's Museum annual father-daughter dance. These are great outings for the family and tickets sell out FAST. Currently, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is closed due to Covid. If it were open, I would totally make it a point to check out Slowed and Throwed: Records of the City Through Mutated Lenses, an exhibit highlighting Houston’s famed DJ Screw.

This was one of my favorite pieces displayed at the

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston during the fashion

exhibit, The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta

Did you know, the Houston Museum of Natural Science offers unique adult education opportunities such as behind the scenes tours, a culinary history adventure for your taste buds, and an excursion to Egypt?

Click here for details.


So much to see and do right? Well, you don’t have to wait for a vacation to explore realms of art, science, and history that will serve as great conversation starters and enhance the knowledge you already have. Check out museums and galleries in your surrounding area. Maybe I’ll see you there. If so say hi, and let’s take a picture.

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