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Galentine's Day

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Galentine's Day is a time to gather with your gal pals and celebrate your love of friendship and sisterhood. Each year my friends and I pair up and alternate hosting a Galentine's gathering. When I co-hosted with my friend, Iesha, we immediately decided to choose a restaurant for our soiree. Avoiding the hassle of cleaning/prep before and after, curating a menu, and decorating was very important because of our busy schedules during the week.

Houston is a vast city so choosing a centrally located restaurant (with a private dining area) was a priority. Iesha and I decided on Texas de Brazil, a churrascaria. We also like the fact that the private room did not require much decorating and the restaurant offered a prix-fixe menu.

Attire: To keep things festive, we requested our friends wear shades of pink and/or red.

Table Setting:

Fresh greenery (from the bushes outside my house), 2 large candles, and 3 vases each holding a single red rose served as the centerpiece.

The Meal:

A curated playlist of our favorite 90s R&B songs played in the background as we ate, talked, laughed, and at times sang along. Dinner (and service) was great! At Texas de' Brazil, each guest has a two-sided card at their place setting. The green side is a nonverbal way to signal to the roving carvers you'd like a selection from the variety of meats offered. If the card is turned on the red side, the carvers know, no service is needed at the time. Sides are served family-style and the salad bar was plentiful with everything from cheeses, charcuterie, soups, roasted veggies, and more.

Parting gift:

Red heart-shaped boxes were purchased at Target and filled with the following:

-A split of wine

-Stemless wine glass

-Valentine's Day socks

-Bath bomb

-Cooling gel eye mask

Here are a few more ideas for items you could include in your Galentine swag bags:

-Cocoa Bombs

-Coffee Mug

-Bracelet (I'd purchase them from a wholesale shop)

-Journal and Pen

-Compact Mirror (Michael's and ETSY have cute and inexpensive options)


-Small succulent plant or planting kit

-Body Butter

Galentine's is an 11 year old holiday traditionally celebrated on February 13th however choosing a date that works well with everyone's schedule is perfectly okay. There are so many fun ways Galentine's can be celebrated. Here are a few ideas to consider:

-Vision Board Party

-Painting/Crafting/Soap or Candle making party

-Wine Tasting

-Floral Arrangement/ Crown making class

-Movie Night (in or out)

-Cooking Class


-Spa Day

This year, due to the pandemic, the hostesses have arranged for us to have a virtual celebration on February 21st. I'm hopeful that next year my friends and I will be able to gather as we did in the past.

💞Happy Galentine's Day, Ladies💞

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Feb 08, 2021

These are awesome galentine date ideas that I surely plan to start doing with my best friend. The parting gift is such a cute and meaningful idea. Great blog post! ☺️


Feb 08, 2021

Beautiful! I love that you all still keep in touch and enjoy life. Priceless! ❤

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